Cookies are cookies that websites leave on your computer. They are used so that websites can recognize you and offer you special services. There are two types of cookies according to their validity period. Temporary cookies are created while you visit the website and are active during the time you spend on the website. Temporary cookies are deleted from your computer when you leave the website. Persistent cookies are created when you visit the website and are stored on your computer until they expire. Persistent cookies are created to create a special experience for you the next time you visit the website.

As the data controller Zabit İç ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi, we use temporary and permanent type cookies. In addition to cookies designed by our company, cookies can also be used within the scope of services received from third parties. Our cookie usage purposes are outlined below.

Recording the user experience and preferences on our company website for use in future visits.
Keeping a record of the information entered into the calculation tools on the website.
Recording your site visit information so that your product preferences can be estimated and special products can be offered to you.
Recording user statistics to improve website performance.
Collecting statistical information in order to carry out more effective marketing activities.
Our company does not store confidential information of its customers / users in the cookies it uses.
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